Cable Trench and Electrical Cabinets

The fire in cable in cable trench has severe impact on the installation as a whole and causes disruption to processes. The common cause of fire in cable trench is due to short circuit, spark, over loading, overheating and static electricity.

The requirement of an active fire protection solution supplemented with passive protection systems is advisable. The passive fire protection can be achieved with fire retardant coating, firewall, fire leaks stop. The active fire protection can be achieved with gas based (Co2) fire protection system. The fire detection by means of heat detectors or LHS (Liner heat sensing cables).

The fire in electrical cabinets can be detected by various means. Such as fire detect tube, LHS Cable, smoke detectors and the extinguishing will be by a gas based fire suppression. The advantage of cabinet fire protection is early detection and extinguishment compared to entire room fire detection and protection.