Diesel Generator Set

Virtually all power generators and power distribution equipment - from portable standby generators to utility grade power turbines – present significant fire risks. These generators operate using highly flammable fuels and lubricating oils. In many cases these generators operate under punishing conditions that stress mechanical and electrical components to the limit. A fuel leak, a buildup of oil mist on electrical components, or electrical arcing leads to intensely hot, fast-burning fire that can quickly damage or destroy equipment and result in serious revenue losses and downtime.

A hot-burning power generator fire has the potential to spread to adjacent equipment and property and threaten the life safety of occupants within the building. This results in a high-risk situation that has the potential to not only destroy a high value capital asset, but also threaten lives and property. The Fire detection in a DG Set can be achieved only with gas leak and combination of heat & flame detection. The fire extinguishing is a combination of Gas based fire suppression system.